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Sunset Alcohol Flush Support Review | SRQ Laboratories

If you’re one of the many people who deal with alcohol flushing: I feel you. Bright red facial flushing, headaches and nausea are just some of the common symptoms someone can experience after drinking alcohol when they have this condition. How fun! This time I wanted to try Sunset Alcohol Flush Support by SRQ Laboratories to deal with my annoying alcohol flushing. But did it work? Was it worth it? Check out my Sunset review below!

Sunset Alcohol Flush Support bottle

What Is Sunset Alcohol Flush Support?

Sunset is a supplement that you take before drinking alcohol to help combat the symptoms of alcohol flushing. While this condition is commonly called “Asian Flush” or “Asian Glow” it doesn’t just impact those of Asian descent (although something like over 30% of Asians experience this condition).

I read an interview with a customer Christy about her experiences with Sunset and honestly, I could totally relate to some of her stories. She talks a lot about how with Asian Flush, you feel like you’re missing out on experiences everyone else gets to have and how you have to settle for less, like having to drink non-alcoholic drinks at your own wedding. Or having to explain to dates why you can’t drink with them, even if they’ve already order alcoholic drinks for you.

Sunset Alcohol Flush Support capsules

Everyone reacts to alcohol differently, but my specific symptoms are facial flushing, headaches, dizziness and sometimes flushing on my neck and shoulders. How pleasant, right? There’s few things worse than getting a full-blown alcohol flushing event while out with friends, colleagues or god-forbid, a date. Sunset’s website provides a lot more details on the science behind the ingredients and alcohol flushing on their blog.

The basic instructions is to take three capsules 30 minutes before you want to drink alcohol, but Sunset actually sends you a more complete, in-depth list of instructions to follow if you wish to. You may also need to take additional pills during your drinking session if your alcohol flush reaction is really severe.

Do I have Asian Flush?

Their blog also addresses the difference between an alcohol allergy or an alcohol intolerance which is really interesting. An alcohol allergy is actually really rare so oftentimes the symptoms we experience when drinking alcohol is more of an alcohol intolerance. However, it could also be that you’re intolerant to a certain ingredient in the alcohol (grapes, hops, wheat, etc) or that your body doesn’t handle sulfites well (which are used as additives for preserving drinks). So there’s lots of reasons to get a weird and uncomfortable reaction to alcohol. How fun!

However, for those that deal with Asian Flush, the issue usually deals with an ineffective liver enzyme.

What causes this reaction?

I’ve learned a lot about the condition from Sunset’s website and it seems that Asian Flush, or Asian Glow, all comes down to how we break down alcohol in our bodies. Normally in a regular-functioning body, this is done in two steps:

  1. First, the enzyme alcohol dehydrogenase converts alcohol into acetaldehyde. This chemical is actually classified as a carcinogen and shouldn’t stick around in your body in high quantities.
  2. Next, a second enzyme called aldehyde dehydrogenase changes the toxic acetaldehyde into acetic acid (a harmless chemical).

For those of us who deal with alcohol flushing, we have probably inherited a faulty gene from a parent, meaning our livers don’t process alcohol like it normally should. In this case, our bodies often don’t complete the second step effectively, so the toxic acetaldehyde doesn’t get converted into plain old acetic acid. Instead, the chemical sticks around in our bodies in high quantities which can be really harmful and uncomfortable.

In short, those who deal with Asian Flush will experience prolonged high levels of acetaldehyde quickly after consuming alcohol and all the gross symptoms that go along with being hungover (although felt immediately rather than the next day). Sensations like nausea, sweating, headache, racing heart, dizziness and facial flushing can all be felt very quickly when consuming alcohol.

Asian Flush impacts a bit part of my life

Basically, it’s a really awful experience and means I can’t enjoy drinks with friends or on a first date like everyone else. I personally tend to just avoid alcohol in general to avoid the problem entirely, but it can be really tiring having to explain myself every time I’m out and why I’m not drinking.

I totally realise that drinking alcohol is not a required component to enjoying life but it is definitely part of an active social life in one way or another. I’m not interested in drinking tons, or binge-drinking, but having the option to have a few drinks without experiencing this reaction would be incredible.


What’s Sunset Like?

At first I was worried about taking a supplement for a problem like alcohol flushing. What if it doesn’t work and I still get a really embarrassing flush, especially out in public? I’m also not comfortable using other homemade methods like antihistamines for alcohol flushing.

Some people use certain antihistamines like Zantac to help with facial flushing that comes along with alcohol flushing, or Asian Flush. From what I’ve read online, they are relatively safe but these drugs won’t reduce the toxic amount of acetaldehyde in your body. So while your face might be not as red (thank god) your body is still accumulating a lot of acetaldehyde which we know it bad for your body.

After years of having to strategically avoid alcohol, I didn’t have much to lose. Honestly, I’m so glad I gave Sunset a shot.


Did Sunset Alcohol Flush Support work for me? Yes

Originally I wasn’t sure if I could swallow the capsules but it ended up being fine (although SRQ Labs did say you can take them apart and mix with juice for the same effect). I actually tried taking the capsules apart as well, just to see if that was easier. Thankfully the taste isn’t that bad. Mixed into some orange juice and it’s hardly noticeable, so that’s a huge plus for people who can’t swallow pills.

After reading some reviews online, I made sure to follow the additional instructions to a T to get the most of the supplement.

I also saw that they have a money-back guarantee that they’ll refund your bottle within the first 30 days if it doesn’t work. So while I was skeptical, it’s reassuring to know that I could return the purchase within the first month if it really didn’t work for me.

SRQ Labs also says that they’ll ship to pretty much anywhere, minus the odd place, which is great news for people around the world. Apparently it takes about 2-3 days to ship around the USA and about 7-14 days to ship internationally. It’s great to have the product very accessible, which isn’t the case for other products I’ve tried to buy. If you love the product, you can even get free shipping if you buy two or more bottles.

What’s In Sunset Alcohol Flush Support?

Sunset Alcohol Flush Support ingredients: Vitamin C (300mg), N-Acetyl Cysteine (NAC 900mg), Bromelain (300mg), Quercitin (300mg), L-Theanine (100mg), Thiamin (50mg), Riboflavin (10mg), Niacin (10mg), Vitamin B6 (10mg), Vitamin B12 (100mcg), Biotin (100mcg), Piperine (3mg), cellulose (vegetable capsule) and may contain: Magnesium Stearate, Silica, Rice Flour.

Normally the ingredients in skin care products or makeup and cosmetics don’t really interest me, but since Sunset is a supplement, I thought I’d dive deeper into what they actually mean from Sunset’s website:

  • N-acetyl cysteine (NAC) – an amino acid which breaks down into the extremely potent antioxidant Glutathione; reduces inflammation; directly assists the ALDH enzyme to break down acetaldehyde.
  • L-Theanine – non-protein amino acid; prevents alcohol-induced free radicals; works together with the NAC amino-acid.
  • Quercetin – antihistamine; reduces inflammation; helps the body produce more of the powerful antioxidant Glutathione.
  • Bromelain – natural enzyme; helps the body to absorb Quercetin better; assists the deficient enzymes to better metabolize the alcohol.
  • Piperine – alkaloid; increases the potency of the product.
  • Thiamine – vitamin B1; helps out the NAC amino acid; controls the accumulation of acetaldehyde.
  • Vitamin C – helps out the NAC amino acid to easily break down into the antioxidant Glutathione; controls acetaldehyde accumulation.
  • B Vitamins – assistants to the above-mentioned ingredients.

Extra details about Sunset Alcohol Flush Support:

  • 100% vegetarian
  • Manufactured in facilities with USDA Organic Certification
  • 100% gluten, dairy and soy free
  • Capsules are vegetable gelatin and contain no gluten, dairy or soy

What Does It Feel Like?

I decided to test Sunset at home first, just to be sure my flushing symptoms didn’t appear in public. Let me tell you, I’m thoroughly impressed. After the initial excitement of trying the product, I even forgot about the flushing. I was actually able to enjoy my drinks and relax, something I’ve never been able to do before. My facial flushing was nearly completely gone and I also didn’t feel hot, headachey or dizzy. Plus I definitely didn’t get any flushing on my neck and shoulders.

An extra bonus is that the ingredients in Sunset even helps reduce hangover symptoms the next day. What a great idea!

A few days after my first experiment, I decided to try Sunset while going out with friends and experienced the same results: nearly no flushing, no headaches, no dizziness and no overall feeling of being hot. Because I was drinking more on that occasion, I followed the additional instructions and took another three capsules of Sunset 30 minutes after my first drink.

I would definitely suggest following the additional instructions if you experience more obvious symptoms when drinking alcohol. It’s obviously not a 100% cure, especially if you’re drinking tons all night. But Sunset definitely cleared up my symptoms while I drank moderately.

And I feel like I should say that you should always drink responsibly, even while taking a supplement that also helps reduce hangover symptoms. Please don’t get too crazy!

Was there anything I didn’t like about Sunset?

The only real issue I had with Sunset was the delivery and shipping times. Because they’re located in the USA, I had to wait for my order to be shipped over here to the UK. It took longer than expected, although it wasn’t the end of the world. It would be great if they had their own distribution here in the UK in the future.


Final VerdictSunset Alcohol Flush Support bottle

Although sceptical at first, I’m extremely pleased with my results after using Sunset for alcohol flushing. I would definitely recommend it to anyone who deals with alcohol flushing, or Asian Flush. Make sure to follow the instructions for the best results. My specific symptoms were hugely reduced and I felt so much better the following day.

You don’t realise how much not being able to have a drink with friends really impacts your life. I’m so relieved I can actually socialise while having a few drinks without becoming incredibly red and embarrassed. Just like Christy, I genuinely feel like Sunset has changed my social life and greatly improved my confidence.

What a great product! I’ll definitely keep a bottle with me whenever I’m drinking!


Emma x


  • Diana

    Hi there, this review has made me want to try this stuff out. Did you have to pay to customs duty as well on this? Thanks

    • Emma

      Hey Diana! Technically you have to pay UK customs anytime something is brought in. I think it might depend on how many bottles you buy so how much the total cost of the order is. You might be able to get away without paying customs if it’s just one bottle. But I’d rather get two bottles so you get free international shipping instead.

  • Gayle Carroll

    I have used this product for years and it never has failed me. It is embarrassing to turn red after one glass of wine and I am always made fun of. But when I use this product it never fails me. I can drink several glasses of wine or coffee (yes coffee affects my face also) and my face does not flush. I am having a hard time buying this product again. Amazon used to sell it but it is unavailable now. Where can I buy this locally. I live in Ocala, fl. ?

    • Emma

      Hi there!! Glad to hear there’s another flusher out there like me 🙂 I buy Sunset via their website ( as far as I know, they’re not in shops. Hope that helps!

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