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Teeth Whitening Strips Review | Swiftwhite

I tend to stay away from teeth whitening strips because basically, I’m terrified of ruining my teeth. I’ve always heard that teeth strips can be harmful for your teeth. What if they ruin my enamel? What if I end up with crazy looking teeth?

I’ve tried skin care products like Bulldog’s Oil Control Face mask, natural supplements like Sunset Alcohol Flush Support, but never anything for my teeth.

I had a few friends recommend the Swiftwhite Teeth Whitening Strips so I took a deep breath and gave them a try. Was it worth it? Do they really worth? Check out my review below!

What are the Swiftwhite Teeth Whitening Strips?

Swiftwhite is a UK company that creates various product to whiten your teeth. They claim all their products are cruelty free while also enamel safe and free of peroxide gel.

I got a box of 28 teeth whitening strips. Each sheet comes with a strip for your top teeth and a smaller strip for your bottom teeth. The instructions say to use them once a day for the full 28 days to get a whiter smile. I wasn’t too keen on putting this stuff on my teeth everyday for nearly a month straight, so I staggered it a bit. I would use them for a few nights, then take a few nights break, then continue using them. I’ve heard some people get sensitive teeth if you use them too much back-to-back.

My only real experience with any teeth-whitening products are the Crest 3D toothpaste and mouthwash. I haven’t used it in years, but I never really noticed a difference when I did.

I bought my strips through Amazon and they’re actually really affordable. The pack comes with 28 days of strips (if you use them everyday) and it was only £15. Plus, I was eligible for same-day delivery! Bless Amazon. Since I don’t use mine everyday, they’ve lasted me quite a long time.

Swiftwhite Teeth Whitening Strips box

What are the strips like?

Like I said, each sheet comes with a top strip and a bottom strip. They strips themselves are nearly clear and actually smell pretty nice. The box says they have a “coconut” flavour, which I don’t necessarily agree with. They don’t taste good, but you shouldn’t be eating them anyway. Either way, they smell good, so at least there’s that.

You’ll need to brush your teeth before apply these, so your mouth and teeth are clean. I actually dry my teeth as best as I can with a towel before applying them. This seems to make it easier for them to stick and stay in place.

Once my teeth are somewhat dry, I apply the top strip first since that’s the most important (and the bigger strip). Then I apply the bottom strip. Then you’re done! You need to keep your mouth open partially so the strips don’t touch. When the strips are on your teeth, they’re not hugely noticeable. They certainly don’t irritate your teeth, heat up or cool down. They just sit there. The strips aren’t as bulky as a mouth guard, but they’re not invisible, either.

When my 30 minute timer was up, I was shocked at how white my teeth looked. I had only used the strips once and there was already a huge difference. Your teeth, like mine, may look spotty at first but this goes away. It’s normal, so don’t freak out! The spots will dissipate in a few minutes and disappear completely after using the strips a few times.

I gave my teeth a quick brush to get rid of any leftover gel and couldn’t believe what a difference they made.

I’ve been using these strips off and on for a few weeks and I’m loving my teeth. I don’t feel any increased sensitivity, but I haven’t been using these strips back to back, either.

Let’s just say, whenever I finally finish the box, I’ll definitely be buying another one.

The one thing to keep in mind is that the strips are very thin and delicate. Simply ripping them out of the package wrong (like I just did) can cause the strip to peel away from the backing. You can still use a messed up strip easily enough, but that peeled section won’t stick as well to your teeth, especially if the whitening gel has started to come off.

Swiftwhite Teeth Whitening Strips box
Be gentle when opening the individually sealed strips – they’re very fragile!

Are teeth whitening strips safe?

I think whether teeth whitening strips are safe relies heavily on which ones you use. There are tons of products on the market that are sketchy and potentially harmful (as with any other skin or beauty product). But there are safe whitening strips, too.

Swiftwhite says their strips are developed by qualified British dentists to keep your teeth safe and healthy when using these strips. If you want to believe that, then you can sleep a bit easier. Since using these strips numerous times, I haven’t had any issues, just whiter teeth. I don’t feel any pain, irritation or increased sensitivity, either. Of course as with anything, your results could vary.

Swiftwhite also has a 100% money back guarantee if you’re not happy, which always helps. However, you’ll need to check the terms to make sure you qualify.

What’s in the Swiftwhite Teeth Whitening strips?

The ingredients in these teeth whitening strips include: Aqua, Glycerin, Propylene Glycol, Phthalimidoperoxycaproic Aid, Cellulose Gum, Hydroxyethycellulose, Silica, Dicalcium Phosphate, Cocos Nucifera (Coconut) Oil, Carbomer, Disodium Edta, Sodium Hydroxide, Menthol

What does it feel like?

Here’s the thing: using these strips isn’t fun. It’s not something you’ll probably want to do with your girlfriends like you would with fun face masks or something. These strips are easy enough to apply, but they make you drool like crazy. This isn’t uncommon for any teeth whitening strip, it’s just a fact you’ll have to deal with if you want whiter teeth. Once both strips are on, you have to keep your mouth partially open. You don’t want the top and bottom strips to touch while in your mouth because they could move or stick to each other.

Then I sit in front of the TV with my head tilted back slight and my mouth open.

It’s a great look.

You’re going to start drooling pretty bad, but you can’t really swallow. You shouldn’t be swallowing the ingredients of the strips, so it’s a case of keeping everything in your mouth until you can spit it all out. Honestly, it’s gross. But once you do your first session and see how insanely white your teeth look, you’ll put up with the hassle.

After 30 minutes, you can peel the strips off. You definitely need to do this over the sink as all your gross drool will come out with the strips, too. There will probably be some leftover whitening gel on your teeth, which isn’t an issue. You’ll just want to rinse out your mouth and potentially re-brush your teeth to get everything out. Personally I like to re-brush my teeth quickly to make sure all the gel is gone.

Then bask in the whiteness of your teeth!

Final verdict on the Swiftwhite Teeth Whitening Strips

In short: I love these strips. After peeling off the strips for the first time and seeing my whiter teeth, I was hooked. These strips absolutely do what they say on the box: you’ll get a drastically whiter smaller in 14 days (and realistically, even less).

You’ll have to get over the grossness of wearing the strips and the copious amounts of drool you’ll need to deal with. But in the end, the results are unbelievable. I’ve even noticed a big difference in videos and photos of myself where my teeth look noticeably whiter than I’m used to seeing. They don’t look “fake” or bleached, but they look naturally lighter and whiter. I’m so happy!

I would absolutely recommend these whitening strips to any of my friends and family. I’m so glad that I gave them a shot.

Emma x

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